1. I purchased Blissful Bowls when it was first released and I am so happy I did! The recipes are full of colourful and fresh ingredients and are so easy to prepare. My whole family love all the dishes and the unique way of serving them. Loving eating healthy with each blissful bowl!

  2. Fresh, flavoursome, fast and FUN!
    Blissful Bowls is yet another fabulous addition to Michelles Bikini Cookbook series. I’ve been using Michelles recipes to meal plan for my family for the past 4 years. These meals are healthy, simple to follow, quick to prepare, super tasty and enjoyed by my whole family.

  3. Blissfull bowls is amazing, the book is so nicely presented and all recipes are easy to follow & deliciously healthy.
    I am so glad that you decided to make another book Michelle, I hope there is more to come!

  4. You won’t regret Bliss-Full Bowls. Made my first two bowls ‘Under the Sea’ and ‘Sunny Side Up’, both were delicious and easy to make. Michelle makes healthy so easy. The hardest thing is deciding what to make next!

  5. Just made my first bowl – Caesar’s Sister. This will definitely be a regular for me now. Many more to try in this amazing book. Thank you Michelle xxx

  6. I have been in the lucky position to be able to sample delicious meals as my partner Klara has been recipe testing for Michelle’s new book. Everything I have tried has been tasty, filling food, with substance and lots of interesting combos. They weren’t flimsy little rabbit-food dishes but man-friendly serves. I am a shift-worker and take my main meals from home. I am very happy to find one of these meals in my lunch box any time.

  7. I have had the pleasure of testing these receipes so that others may experience the joy of eating healthy food that is quick, easy and packed full of flavour. I have challenged my taste buds throughout this process and the best part is I have eaten food I previously thought of as yuck but with some food manipulation and flavour I can’t say there was one dish I wouldn’t do again. Even my husband joined in on testing receipes and loved the end products. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard, this book proves it.

  8. As per usual Michelle has blown us away with her delicious recipes. Always jammed packed with flavour and nutrition. I absolutely love the smoothie bowls as they make a yummy breakfast or a refreshing dessert and the kids love them.
    I have had the pleasure of being a recipe tester for Michelle’s books for many years and get just as excited about her new projects as she does. You won’t be disappointed with recipes in this beautiful new book.

  9. The recipes in this book are just amazing! They are fresh, light, summery and tick all the boxes for the “yum factor”. Whilst they are quick to make, they also present so beautifully that I would happily serve them at the fanciest of ladies’ lunches. This is an inspired book with healthy and delicious food.

  10. I have been lucky enough to have the honour to help Michelle test these recipes!
    Each recipe I got was mouth watering!! Of course, being Michelles recipes I knew they would be.
    I monitor my macros from Protein, Carbs and Fats – so I don’t usually concentrate on calories, so this book is perfect!!
    I usually cook separate dishes for myself and my husband from what the kids have, so again this book is perfect!
    I managed to only shop once per week and cooked Lunch and dinner for us…i’m able to use up all the vegetables I have in the fridge already!
    I love how there is lots of veg dishes and i’m able to substitute other veg for what I have, giving me no waste of food!
    Plus, I can always add a protein to the veg dish if I need to!!
    Even though this technically isn’t a weightloss book, I haven’t “Lost Weight” but in the few weeks of testing, I have eaten so much amazing and healthy food, I have lost 3 cms of my waist (along with my workouts)
    These meals are easy and full of bright inviting colours and flavours!
    My personal favourites…
    Mediterranean Meatballs (That dressing is amazing)
    Just a little bit Nutty (refreshing and light and filling and delicious)
    Caesars Sister (Can’t believe I made my own mayo..so good)
    Hipster Bowl (so so good)
    Breakfast in Brussels (I can easily eat this every day)
    I could go on…

  11. I had the pleasure of trying most of these recipes and I can honestly say that they are all amazing . They are simple , easy and extremely tasty recipes . Each one is packed full of goodness. Fresh wholesome food bowls to suit everyone’s palate. It really proves that healthy , dairy and gluten free foods do NOT have to be boring . This is one of the most exciting recipe books I have ever used !

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